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The Social Web Is Being Censored, Where To Move To

Twitter is censoring the #occupywallstreet posts, and is preventing the activists from trending and getting the news out there to the people that need to know. They are trying to stifle you, and prevent you from fighting the good fight.ย 

DIASPORA is a social networking platform that is similar to Facebook, and allows for hashtags in posts for activism. It’s free, open source, and you can even install it on your own server if you really want to.

I would recommend registering on a Diaspora pod such as; they allow for trending topics, are part of a decentralized social platform (multiple sites can communicate to one another), are against censorship, and it functions like a hybrid of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, in a way that makes sense.

You can find many different pods, many of which are capable of talking to one another seamlessly, right here.

The platform is in heavy development, with a lot of exciting features coming. You can learn more about it here.

When you take control of your own network presence and your data, it’s very empowering. No one can or will censor you on a Diaspora pod, your privacy is truly respected, and you are not treated as a product through an “identity service”.

It’s great, and if you want to keep the cause moving, you might want to switch to this as a social platform instead of Twitter, which will continue to censor you.

They’re even working on an upcoming feature where you can have an account, and if you don’t like the pod you’re on, you can download your data and migrate to a different pod on a different server. Seamlessly. And you’d keep all of your friends, posts, pictures, comments, and data.

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